C R E A T O R 3 D P

Casting Resin

C3DP G009 is a high ­quality printing 3D printing UV curable resin for direct investment casting applications such as jewelry, digital dentistry, and engineering models.

Made with the Highest quality Natural Wax – incorporating natural wax allows you to use normal working wax by attaching to sprues for easy 3D print modification and provides a number of excellent casting characteristics.


  • Less than 0.1% residual ash after burnout
  • Non-reactive with common investments such as Plasticast™
  • Optimized for 25µm – 50µm layers, but can be adjusted by exposure
  • Low degradation of PDMS vat coatings
  • Quick layer times
  • Low odor for use in commercial settings
  • Resistant to most solvents, including alcohol and acetone
  • No pigments to settle out

Tough Resin

  • C3DP tough resin, ideal for printing parts that need to stand the wears and the tears.
  • This resin requires at least 30 minutes of post-curing via UV light with object submerged in water.
  • It is a bit softer and needs more support and higher temperature (>25C) to print well.
  • This resin provides a great finish and feel. it was designed to simulate ABS plastic and has a comparable tensile strength and modulus.


Apricot and Grey color high definition material, suitable for the creation of digital models for study or diagnostics, support models for surgical, models for crowns and bridges and for a vast number of orthodontic applications.

It is resistant, long-lasting and maintains its physical-mechanical characteristics over time. The anthracite colours smooth visibal gingival and teeth margins in detail.

Jewellery Mould Making

  • C3DP A016 is a ceramic material specially developed for rubber moulding, liquid silicones and vulcanized rubber at medium-low temperatures (max. 90°C).
  •  C3DP A016 is suitable both for thin and thick models. it can be removed easily from the rubber mould.
  • C3DP A016 delivers extremely smooth surfaces and exceptionally precise and sharp details.
  • Clean by 95% Ethanol or IPA

Elastic / Rubber Resin

  • This Resin Have amazing Elastic Properties also known as Rubber Resin.
  • This Resin developer for for Engineering industry

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